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SQL (1) SQLite Studio installation and practice DB download

Now that we have a basic knowledge of database systems, let’s take a closer look at SQL grammar. In this article, we will practice with SQLite Studio.

■ Why use SQLite Studio?

The system is so simple. It is open source and anyone can download and install it freely. There are a variety of supporting operating systems, so it’s compatible with your OS!

Easy to install is also a big advantage as well. The process of setting up is quite a nuisance, as you all know. Port value, CONFIGURATION, etc., just follow what the blog says, but you feel like installing without knowing what it is? In comparison, SQLite Studio is just unpacking and turning the executable, so how simple is it!

Since there are not many grammatical differences such as mySQL, mariaDB, etc., i.e. i.e., i.e., i.e., i.e., i.e., i.e., i would like to practice with SQLite Studio.

■ How to install SQLite Studio

You can download a file that fits your OS by clicking the link above. With PORTABLE, you can run SQLite immediately without the need for a separate installation process, as mentioned earlier. If you want to switch to another tool in the future, you can get portable and practice.

Once you’ve unpacked, you can run SQLiteStudio.exe.

■ How to download db for practice

Now let’s download the practice DB to play with in the next few articles. If you already have a DB, you can skip this part.

If you connect to the link above and go to the bottom of that page, you will see “Download SQLite DB: chadwick.dp.” Click to get it.

■ SQLite Studio – DB Loading

Let’s load the downloaded DB to SQLite Studio. In the top menu, click Database > Add a database or Crtl+O.

If you find the DB file you want to load and click OK, it will successfully import the DB.

You can then check the DB on the left in the list format as shown below. Press the top menu TOOLS > OPEN SQL editor or Alt+E to see a screen where you can write a SQL commanders on the right. Now you’re ready to practice.

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